ANS Music is a music distribution company . It helps artists and music producers distribute their music worldwide on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.  and when people listen to your music, we send you money.

ANS Music was founded 2020 and has been in business for a few years. However, it has gained a reputation as a reliable and efficient music distribution company.

ANS Music distributes is for Professional solo musicians, bands, DJs, performers, producers, Record Label and YouTube creators who record music at home or in the studio.

You can release only Audio of Single, EP (2-5 tracks) or Album (up to 10 tracks). Track can be Original / Cover song (license required) or Instrumental / Recitation

ANS Music offers competitive pricing and provides personalized support to its clients. The company’s focus on the local music scene in Bangladesh also sets it apart from other distribution companies.

ANS Music distributes music to popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and many others.

ANS Music offers different pricing plans, depending on the number of songs and the number of platforms you want to distribute your music on. The company’s pricing is competitive and affordable for independent artists and music producers.

ANS Music typically distributes music within 24-48 hours after receiving it from the client. However, the exact time may vary depending on the number of songs and the platforms selected

Yes, ANS Music also offers services like music mastering, mixing, and promotion to help artists and music producers get the best possible sound and reach a wider audience.

You can get in touch with ANS Music by visiting their website or contacting them via email or phone. The company’s customer support team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

No, ANS Music distributes music worldwide, so artists and music producers from any country can use their services. However, the company has a special focus on supporting the local music scene in Bangladesh.

We handle everything. ANS Music makes your music available for the world to experience and collects streaming royalties on your behalf. Focus on your music while we do the heavy lifting to make your music available to the widest audience possible.

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We keep 20%. You get 70% of your net earning.

After song submission, you will get client login. You can view earning stat, bank transaction record or any update from us. You can also communicate 24/7 with us from client portal.

No submission charge ! We will release all of your old/new originals or cover songs(license requires) direct to International music marketplace like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Deezer, plus a ton of other stores & streaming services.

  • Music submission with royalty: (including barcode/ UPC)
  • Means you get paid when other people use your music in YouTube 
  • Verified artist profile on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Artist page (minimum 3 albums submission required)

We issue Statements on the 25th of the month, every month.

It varies. Most DSPs have a lag of 60 to 90 Days between when streams are played/sold and when they are reported and paid out to ANS Music. 

In general:

  • Apple, YouTube: 2 months (you would be paid in March for January)
  • Amazon: varies between 2-3 months
  • All other DSPs: 3 months (and in some cases, the smaller DSPs can take much longer as they can run into reporting issues)

We trigger your payment within 48-72 hours after generating your statement.

While we usually deliver your releases within hours, music services need to process and add them to their catalog. Despite DSPs often processing faster than the times below, expecting your release to be live earlier always carries a risk. More details