Monetize your music with audio and video distribution.

At ANS we make publishing easy by providing express distribution to the largest audio and video music platforms in the world.


$ 4.16

Per Month

49.99$ billed annually

For hobbyists

  • 1 VEVO channel
  • Add YouTube Cards to videos
  • Publish video in 3 days
  • Support during business hours
  • Publish 3 videos per week
  • Monthly royalty statement


$ 12.42

Per Month

149$ billed annually

For aspiring artists

  • 5 VEVO channels
  • Add Playlist to VEVO channels
  • Add YouTube Cards to videos
  • Same day publishing
  • Publish 15 videos per week
  • Monthly royalty statement
  • Support during business hours


$ 33.25

Per Month

399$ billed annually

For artist managers

  • Unlimited VEVO channels
  • Add Playlist to VEVO channels
  • Publish video in 3 hours
  • Monthly royalty statement
  • Publish unlimited videos
  • Add YouTube Cards to videos
  • Monthly royalty statement
  • Whatsapp/Phone support

Take your music videos global & earn cash.

We connect your music videos globally by quickly publishing your content to VEVO the world's largest all-premium music video company.


How it works

Through our proprietary platform and direct partnerships, we have automated the music distribution process getting your music worldwide at lightning speed and efficiency.

Contact with ANS Music

Request a VEVO channel(Optional). A VEVO channel is a VEVO owned YouTube account. VEVO is the leading all premium music video and entertainment platform. VEVO is an official YouTube partner and has their own monetization arrangements with YouTube. Uploading your music videos to your custom VEVO artist channel will ensure that some of those monetization benefits are passed to you.

Upload your music

Login to the ANS Music backstage and Upload your music (Audio or Video). We have recently deployed our new content management system which facilitates quick and easy uploads. Simply follow the wizard which walks you through the steps of metadata entry, image selection and content submission.

Music publishing

ANS Music validates your music assets including metadata and upload them to your selected music stores. Your content will become visible and available to the public typically in 3 business days. You can track your submissions including analytics from the ANS Music backstage.

Monthly royalty payments

ANS Music will issue payout to you as soon as your accumulated royalties exceeds $50. Payouts are made by way of PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, and international wire transfers for balance exceeding $500

Frequently Asked Questions

ANS members get included in Vevo, which means the official Vevo watermark on YouTube. Vevo also lets people watch your music videos on different platforms including Roku, Samsung & LG Smart TVs, Comcast, and more.

ANS Enterprise LLC delivers to the platforms quickly.  But then the platforms usually take anywhere from days to a couple weeks to go live.

(for professional: its very quickly)


Vevo doesn’t have an artist access portal or dashboard at this time, but we’re happy to help submit an avatar image, banner image and channel description to Vevo on your behalf!

Here are the requirements:

1. Avatar Image: (800×800 pixels, jpg)
2. Banner Image: (2048×1152 pixels, jpg).

3. About section, general rules below

  • 1000 characters or less, with no mention of other stores (such as Spotify or Apple)
  • No mention of other artists. Stay away from direct mentions like: “I draw my inspiration from The Beatles and Drake”, or “I collaborated with Madonna”. Services can view this as keyword flooding, and remove your bio or description.
  • No information that would date the about section. Avoid descriptions similar to: “My new album drops on July 31st, 2022”, or “My latest album came out 2 months ago”.

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