Empowering Independent Musicians and Labels

ANS Music offers one platform to manage digital assets, supply chain, rights management, financial support, financial reporting, and royalty payment distribution.

Simplify catalog and asset management

Simplify catalog and asset management

With ANS Music Backstage, you can easily manage all of your digital assets, copyrights and metadata in one place.

Streamline rights and monetization on UGC platforms

ANS Music Backstage enables you to simplify the process of managing, licensing and tracking your music rights across UGC platforms like TikTok YouTube and Facebook or Instagram.

monetization on UGC platforms
insights with powerful analytics

insights with powerful analytics

Monitor the performance of all your assets from one place. Track revenue and analyze financial performance. Share the data with all your artists and partners.

Track performance for all your assets

Visualize your data

ANS Music lets you easily analyze all of your streaming data and revenue trends with greater clarity, efficiency and scale.