Make Money from YouTube

Get the money you deserve whenever your sound recordings are played across YouTube.

Did You Know

If you or a fan uploads a video to YouTube that contains even a clip of your music, you are entitled to be paid for the ad revenue collected on that video. ANS Music has partnered with YouTube via Merlin to make sure your royalties are accounted for through YouTube Content ID. For no annual fee, get your songs registered and you’ll be collecting money from videos all across YouTube.


How It Works

  • For no annual fee, distribute your music to Social Platforms and select YouTube Content ID
  • ANS Music sends your sound recordings to YouTube to be enrolled in their Content ID tracking system
  • YouTube searches their entire catalogue for videos that are using your music and begins monetizing them on your behalf
  • ANS Music pays 70% of your YouTube earnings directly to your ANS Music’s Backstage

Unlimited Releases to Social Platforms Unlimited Opportunities

No Annual Fee