New Update [ANS Music’s Backstage]

After rolling out our Marketplace in last month’s release, we’re thrilled to introduce two new key integrated features (promotional smart links and digitial mastering) that were frequently requested. We’re also proud to showcase the new track details page, delivering all of the information you’ve been asking for, in a unified and easy to access and understand format.

New Features

  • Promote your music with Smart Links: We’ve integrated directly into ANS Music to help you and your artist market your releases and seamlessly create pre-save links. This integration is available for disable/enable for all of your customers in your Account Settings.

    Using this feature, your users can:
    • Create Smart Links: Generate dynamic smart links with a single click from their release details pages – there is no additional cost for this core functionality!
    • Manage their own Dashboards: Gain full control over their campaigns and analytics with dedicated client-specific dashboards.
    • Unlock Advanced Features: Optionally upgrade their individual plan for even more powerful promotional tools and in-depth insights.
  • Unlock AI Mastering with We’ve integrated directly into ANS Music to give you an instant audio upgrade! This integration is available in your Account Settings. Downloads are available after a $5 USD payment to Masterchannel. Unlimited mastering and replay are provided free of charge.

    With, users can:
    • Achieve Pro-Level Sound in Seconds:‘s AI technology provides polished, radio-ready mixes.
    • Mastering Made Easy: New Master banners in the track creation flow and a Master button in the audio player offer seamless access to integrated mastering tools in their regular flow of work.
    • Experience the Power of AI Mastering: You can now unleash the potential of professional-grade mastering regardless of their experience level.

Platform Improvements

  • Explicit Lyrics Field Resolution: The Explicit Lyrics field is now mandatory for accurate content labeling. This ensures compliance with distributor guidelines and helps avoid potential distribution delays.
  • Redesigned Track Details Page: The updated Track Details page offers a more organized and user-friendly way to view and manage information for each track.
    Key features and design elements include:
    • Hero section: The redesigned hero section provides a clear snapshot of your track’s essential metadata, such as track artwork, title, artist name, label, and other core identifying information. Information is displayed prominently and organized. Additionally, you can conveniently play the audio track directly from the Hero section, giving you a quick overview of your track’s identity and sound.
    • Credits: This card comprehensively lists all your track credits, including artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, and more. It ensures proper recognition and more efficient royalty distribution.
    • Audio: This card holds the track’s audio file information. It includes technical specifications like file format, bitrate, and sample rate and offers playback controls for previewing the track
    • Appears On: This card showcases all releases (albums, singles, compilations) where your track is included. It provides a quick overview of where your music is featured.
    • Total Streams Card: This card displays the cumulative number of times your track has been streamed across all platforms. It’s a key indicator of your music’s reach and popularity.
    • Total Streams: This card displays the cumulative number of times your track has been streamed across all platforms. It’s a key indicator of your music’s reach and popularity.
    • Total Revenue: This card showcases the total revenue generated by your track from streaming, downloads, and any other applicable sources. It provides an overall picture of your track’s financial performance.