Requesting a YouTube Official Artist Channel

Requesting a YouTube Official Artist Channel


Eastly apply for Upgrade your artist channel by ANS Music’s Dashboard

Believe allows you to benefit from an accelerated YouTube OAC verification when submitting a new release. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Start creating and completing your release as usual 
  2. Once the release is ready to be submitted, click on the “Submit my release” button
  3. Confirm your Artist Pages
  4. Enter the id or the URL of your official artist channel
  • Please ensure that the ID contains 24 characters. More info below
  • Once your channel is entered, the result gives you information about the channel name, the channel picture and the channel’s subscribers number

As a YouTube channel represents one artist or one band, you will be able to certify a YouTube official artist channel if both conditions below are satisfied: 

  • Your release contains only one Primary artist on the Release information tab
  • This Primary artist is not already associated with a YouTube channel  

Please note that the following are not accepted :

  • Label, radio stations or taste-maker Channels
  • Multi artists’ channels (Duets…)
  • YouTube Topic channels 
  • Vevo or Live channels
  • A channel not complying with YouTube community guidelines
  • A channel that is artist related but not the official channel (for instance, a channel of the Artist Tour…
  • A channel already associated with another artist

Note that channels with less than 100 subscribers cannot benefit from the Accelerated OAC Request Process, through Backstage. If this is your case, please get in touch with Believe Support.

For more details on OAC eligibility, please check: YouTube Official Artist Channel Certification (OAC)

How to find your YouTube OAC ID

If you do not own the channel you need the ID for, go to the channel page’s “About”-section and click on the “share”-icon , then “Copy Channel ID”.

If you own the channel you need the ID for, log in to Youtube Studio and you’ll find the ID in the URL:

The URL finishes with an extension consisting of a 24 characters ID which make up your channel ID. 

As the owner of the channel, you can also find the Channel ID on this page: